Who is using littlegrid

No one likes to be on their own - so, don’t worry you’re not! Lots of people are using littlegrid for trying out ideas, doing POCs or using it on very complex full-blown projects with success.

The littlegrid website is regularly visited by many people from over 70 different countries across the world - lots of people return to find out more, are you interested to know more?

Like any open source project, it is difficult to know precise numbers, but littlegrid is certainly being used in the following industry sectors by companies wanting to easily test their Coherence code:

  • Global investment banking
  • Global brokerage
  • Trade clearing
  • Gaming/Gambling
  • Deal trading
  • Global software vendor
  • Global telecommunications
  • Open source project
  • Video game publishing
  • Global retail banking
  • Global online travel
  • Software house

littlegrid was the chosen Coherence test-support framework for a community Coherence cookbook:

If using littlegrid and are happy, then get your industry sector added to the list. You don’t need to provide the company name, just the industry sector is useful.

If you’ve tried littlegrid and maybe hit a problem, then contact help at littlegrid dot org and let’s get you heading in the right direction :-)