Release notes

2013-07-14 Version 2.15.2

  • #135 Add workaround for DefaultCacheServer.shutdown NPE when static start is used

2013-05-14 Version 2.15.1

  • #126: Simple keep-alive cluster member group should always report current usage count higher than 1 to ensure it doesn’t get shutdown

2013-05-09 Version 2.15

  • #85: Enable integration tests requiring the same type of cluster member group to share the started group, such as via a holder
  • #105 Add timeout milliseconds to identifiable exception
  • #106: Provide an interactive console for stopping, shutting down and merging cluster members
  • #108: Change Coherence GAV co-ordinates to be in-line with 12c
  • #109: Create console package and move simple wait console into package
  • #114: Add the ability to have a specific cache configuration file for storage enabled members
  • #115: Add the ability to have a specific cache configuration file for Extend proxy members
  • #116: Add the ability to have a specific cache configuration file for JMX monitor members
  • #117: Add the ability to have a specific log level for Extend proxy, storage enabled members and clients (Extend and storage-disabled)
  • #118: Combination of Windows and System.getenv in certain environments returns keys that are in uppercase - even through the environment variable is mixed case
  • #119: Include ability to sleep until a particular time in the command DSL
  • #121: Make logging more compact, i.e. fewer lines
  • #122: Tidy up fast-start and builder interaction
  • #125: Add ability to specify site, rack and machine within the command DSL shell

2013-01-28 Version 2.14

  • #100: Expand the concept of a command-line launcher to accept a string which equates to a build enum, for clients launch a console
  • #104: Add build method accepting an enum in order allow the cluster member group to be built
  • #103: Add WKA and Extend port getters on cluster member group to enable API to be more fluent when dealing with multiple clusters
  • #102: Add reminder(s) for people to check the littlegrid web-site for updated information and new versions

2012-11-08 Version 2.13

  • #99: Add a simple launcher application to enable a littlegrid cluster to be started from the command-line or via .Net or similar
  • #91: Add functionality to more easily control specified cluster members via the actual class loader
  • #93: Change system environment variable prefix to littlegrid_builder_X and system property prefix to littlegrid.builder.X instead of littlegrid.builder.override.X. Keep original prefix working
  • #46: Add support for client override to be set via builder and then applied before client starts
  • #92: Add additional convenience methods for setting additional system properties, for instance accepting an integer and boolean as the value
  • #98: When no caches have their service marked as auto-start and Coherence 3.7.0.x or later are used then exception occurs: Error instantiating Filter with name: gzip

2012-09-23 Version 2.12

  • #90: Add classes.jar and ui.jar for core JAR exclusion

2012-09-20 Version 2.11

  • #65: Add functionality to report possible reasons for a security exception when performing child-first class loading
  • #83: Improve the way that littlegrid excludes core Java JAR files from its class-path used by the child-first class loader
  • #86: Ensure that resources are loaded into child-first class loader if possible to ensure they are isolated
  • #88: When an exception occurs loading a class with the child first class loader, output the name of the class that it was trying to load
  • #89: Exclude any classes with “java.” from child-first class loading

2012-08-21 Version 2.10

  • #80: Child first URL class loader’s loadClass is susceptible to a race condition in certain use cases

2012-08-08 Version 2.9

  • #81: If a security exception occurs then throw a meaningful exception to help user to identify and fix the problem
  • #80: Child first URL class loader’s loadClass is susceptible to a race condition in certain use cases

2012-05-04 Version 2.8

  • #73: Add warning message when trying to perform a stop or shutdown on a non-existent member
  • #74: Add support for setting a system property easily via the builder
  • #75: Improve JMX test example
  • #76: Add support for site, rack and machine within builder

2012-04-13 Version 2.7

  • #7: Include simple contains check for JAR exclusion.
  • #52: Bake in the littlegrid version number and display on start-up.
  • #66: Expose the functionality to allow merging of cluster member groups.
  • #67: For Maven builds use surefire.test.class.path instead of java.class.path.
  • #68: Add support for overriding properties using environment variables and system properties.
  • #70: Add getter for WKA address.
  • #71: Change default WKA and Extend port numbers to increase ‘gap’ between them.

2012-03-26 Version 2.6.1

  • #51: In the event of an exception on start-up, output the builder keys and values in the exception report.
  • #55: Remove logger place holder - just use Java util logging for now.
  • #56: Reduce log level when reading default properties files.
  • #58: Make the Extend-related invocables used in test pack public for other people to use.
  • #59: Change setBuilderProperties to accept multiple properties files and multiple names of properties file.
  • #60: Remove explicit WKA port numbers from builder setting test.
  • #62: Add concept of post cluster member group start support.
  • #63: Add builder for storage-enabled member.
  • #64: Change invocation of doAfterStart of cluster member group, so that is occurs after the ‘client’ environment has been configured.

2012-02-28 Version 2.5.1

  • #4: Enable mapping of Builder bean setter names to different system properties.
  • #44: Implement basic (sequential) shutdown for multiple members.
  • #45: Implement basic (sequential) stop for multiple members.
  • #47: Change default behaviour so that fast-start is disabled by default.
  • #48: Add support for custom-configured to specify their own cache configuration within a cluster member group.
  • #49: Remove the defaulting to 1 storage-enabled member if no specific member types are set - i.e. make it more explicit and require to be set.
  • #50: Add specific build methods so that it is clearer to a user what the ‘environment’ is being set as ready for their tests. Examples being storage-disabled client or Extend client.

2012-02-19 Version 2.4.8

  • #40: Make project available via Nexus OSS

2011-02-06 Version 2.2.3

  • #1: Enable overriding builder properties using environment variable and properties file.
  • #3: Add mapping from Builder bean setter names to Coherence system properties.
  • #5: Add JMX support.
  • #6: Tidy up builder.
  • #8: Look at why Coherence 3.5 reflection updater doesn’t work with integers (and so need to use strings).
  • #9: Add checks for incoming parameters for DefaultLocalProcessClusterMemberGroup constructor.
  • #11: Add support for more than one than one Extend proxy in a cluster member group containing dedicated Extend proxies.
  • #12: Add support for more than one than one Extend proxy in a cluster member group containing storage enabled Extend proxies.
  • #13: Fix startAndShutdownWithKnownRequiredJarBeingExcluded test so that it doesn’t use multicast (it does so because member group is shutdown and resets the system properties).
  • #15: Improve builder setBuilderProperties to take a string for a properties filename, this will avoid the API user having to worry about getResourceAsStream etc.
  • #16: Add getExtendPort method to builder to allow this to be used as the starting port for people to offset from it.
  • #18: Move code over to common resource loading for properties be it from the filesystem or class path.
  • #19: Add license to all source code.
  • #21: Change system property for LITTLEGRID_COHERENCE_OVERRIDE to use dots instead of hyphens.
  • #23: Add tests for explicit setting of override file.
  • #24: Reduce the size of the ‘public’ API - ensure minimum and primarily interfaces.
  • #26: On builder, provide method to add system properties.
  • #27: Add test for Extend proxy stop.
  • #28: DefaultClusterMemberGroupBuilder.setClusterName() unimplemented.
  • #29: Reflection based cluster member with fallback to default behaviour.
  • #32: Before starting to build the cluster group output exactly what the final group will contain.
  • #33: Add ‘fast-start’ override file that reduces delay time before creating cluster.
  • #34: Add build incident reporter.
  • #35: Add support for the properties utils to log at a particular level.
  • #36: Add builder style support to reflection delegating cluster member.
  • #37: Improve JavaDoc for usage of stop and sleep.
  • #38: JMX monitor member doesn’t start-up when an Extend proxy is also used - system property not cleared causing problem.
  • #41: Reset system properties after cluster is up.

2011-11-13 Version 2.0.2

2011-11-02 Version 1.13

2011-08-03 Version 1.12

2011-07-27 Version 1.11

2011-06-28 Version 1.0.6

2011-05-30 Version 1.0.5

2011-05-25 Version 1.0.4

2011-04-06 Version 1.0.3

2011-02-22 Version 1.0.1

2011-01-24 Version 1.0

2010-10 Version 0.1 * Development of tumbleweed started - this was the original name for littlegrid.