Documentation updates

The below outlines the most recent major changes to the documentation and website, thus allowing visitors to easily determine what changes have occurred since their last visit.


Contact ‘help at littlegrid dot org’ to suggest website changes or corrections. If you want to contribute code or documentation updates, then let us know - all help is welcome :-)

2015-09-09 Added reference to Coherence cookbook which is using littlegrid for Coherence-related examples and testing, see Who is using littlegrid.

2014-12-03 Initial raw example of POM for parallel test execution. Added comment on JavaDoc and test coverage not presently being available due to hosting changes.

2014-11-07 Added new sector to littlegrid users.

2014-09-12 Moving all documentation to

2014-09-10 Revising and tidying documentation.

2014-07-17 Added a new sector of littlegrid users, see Who is using littlegrid.

2013-12-15 Updated configuring and controlling littlegrid, see Controlling and configuring littlegrid.

2013-12-15 Start work on Replacing DefaultCacheServer.

2013-12-15 Updated page about making tests faster Making tests faster and Fast-start join timeout.

2013-11-25 Started work on mini-cluster for Extend .Net/C++ Extend client tutorial

2013-11-23 Website went live on faster hosted environment using domain.

2013-11 Updated content on Controlling system property names used by littlegrid.