littlegrid - helping developers test their Coherence code


littlegrid is a small and simple open source framework for Oracle Coherence that lets you run multiple Coherence cluster members in a single JVM.

Testing in-process (using single JVM) is a highly effective way of developing your Coherence related code because the cluster is quick to start and you can debug locally.

Development on littlegrid has been quiet over the last few years, but it’s getting a refresh and reboot to help Developer now adopting Coherence CE.

With just a few lines of littlegrid code you can quickly try out ideas in your IDE or easily automate your Coherence tests with your favourite test framework (e.g. JUnit) for running on your Continuous Integration (CI) build servers.

Coherence + littlegrid = develop faster :-)

Quick code snippet of two cache servers (storage-enabled servers) and then joining the cluster as a storage-disabled client.

ClusterMemberGroup memberGroup = ClusterMemberGroupUtils.newBuilder()
    .buildAndConfigureForStorageDisabledClient(); // this bit is littlegrid

NamedCache cache = CacheFactory.getCache("test");